Jetty Boat Landing

To carry out sporting activities on Lake Garda, Bertoncelli Hotels provides guests with a private landing jetty on the shore of Brenzone. A wooden pier of the approximate length of 50 meters stands next to the beach and the port directly to the hotel allows small boats and watercraft, but it is also the starting point for a variety of water sports you can practice on lake Garda.

The hotel Bertoncelli am the ideal base for athletes who want to play sports on Lake Garda and Brenzone is one of the places that is most suitable for this purpose, so that the hotel management has decided to make available this private dock to facilitate such activities.

The private landing jetty in front of Hotel S.Maria is for the exclusive use of tourist of Bertoncelli hotels in Brenzone.


The Bertoncelli hotels are located in Brenzone, city of Verona town nestled in the mountains of Monte Baldo and the north-east of Lake Garda.
A natural paradise that offers many possibilities of landscapes and recreational activities and sports, staying in close proximity to major attractions and art cities.

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